The Principles of First Mention

Have you ever stopped to consider the significance of firsts? The first time you rode a bike. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first job. Your first house. Your baby’s first word. Each signals a beginning, the potential of what is to come. The same is true in Scripture. Every time God mentions something for the first time in His Word, whether it be love, a relationship, a covenant, even death, it’s for a purpose. He is establishing a precedent, a significant pattern. Through this insightful series from Pastor Robert, you’ll discover what the principle of first mention really means as you uncover new and profound revelations from God’s Word.

The Beginning of Death
July 25 Play Video

Pastor Robert explains the origins of death and shares why we don’t have to fear it when we accept the free gift of God’s grace. 

The Beginning of Atonement
August 1 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares the solution God came up with from the beginning to free us from guilt and shame. 

The Beginning of Covenant
August 8 Play Video

Pastor Robert shares about the covenants God created and the ultimate promise He made that empowers us to walk in victory.